Support for LFS Projects

The LFS project offers support in a number of ways. However, we ask that you make use of them in the following order and according to the guidelines for each method.


As a result of bugs and security warnings, please be sure to read the errata page for any modifications needed to the LFS build.

Stable LFS Errata

Development LFS Errata

LFS Security Advisories


The list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here: FAQ. Quite often, problems you encounter in building LFS have already been discovered and a solution found and documented. Checking here first saves you time and grievance as often developers are not keen on repeatedly answering questions that have already been answered.

Search the Mailing Lists

If you haven't found your particular problem listed in the FAQ, try searching the mailing lists, as the problem may have only recently been found, or is rare enough to not warrant a FAQ entry. You can use the search form and button on any web page within the site, or for more advanced searching, visit the search page directly.


If you have tried both of the above and still have not found a solution, feel free to pop into one of our IRC channels located at

Mailing Lists

Finally, there are mailing lists available to offer support.

An overview of all the lists is also available.